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Again I ended on one side of the couch and Kim on the other we were surfing channels and ended up in the porn ones, at once I was hard, I started to touch myself and Kim stared my way, she called me to her side,
-Want me to suck you?- she asked
I didn’t even answer I went to her side and stood on the couch, I planted one leg on the arm rest of the couch and the other by her side, she was still sitting and my cock was lined with her mouth, she opened wide and I went in , her mouth was so warm, she grabbed my dick with both hands and was milking it, she cupped my balls and licked my shaft and put in again and again, her tongue would play with my head, I don’t know when I realized that my hips were moving , her hands were holding my butt chicks and I was humping her mouth , she was making pleasure sounds and her hands were griping me tight , in and out, I was holding to the back of the couch and was moving faster every time her mouth was so wet and slippery , I felt I was about to finish I tried to move back but my sister noticed this and held me in place I exploded in her mouth, I came so much, finally I pulled out of her mouth and she swallowed , she looked at me and grabbed my still hard cock with one hand, squeezed it dry and licked it some more, I collapsed on the couch beside her. Gay Bareback Release The Erotic Image Folder Of… Kim proceed to take a shower I did the same we had some dinner and then I found myself sitting in the couch in front of the huge TV with Kim at my side.

Hentai: [Tzinnxt]Tabuu Cp.02 [English]

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