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“Hunny you were raped, by four men,” father stated as Justin, and Sabrina watched with worried looks on their faces, “I was. Chibola Sashisuseso No Sa To Su! – Kantai… What was on her back though? Were those wings? “Heeey brother,” Justin tried to sit up quickly but with one flick of her wrist he was pinned down to the bed, “Did you like my pussy Justin? Did ya, did ya?” The only part he could move right now was his head, “What's going on???” He whispered as he watched Sabrina continue up onto his bed revealing she had a tail as well, “Isn't it obvious stupid? You woke my true nature when you fucked me,” she stated as she sat on the edge of the bed with no clothing on, keeping her tits in plain sight.

Hentai: WaffenSS Vol 00

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