(C87) [A Gokuburi (Sian)] Wai Choice (Various)

And since I had never been a real IT crack myself (I was able to deal with my own computer problems, but what I had in mind was far beyond my skills), I wanted to have a cute nerd girl, who could take care of the automation for our house. That was the sign for me, time to go.

Hentai: (C87) [A Gokuburi (Sian)] Wai Choice (Various)

Wai Choice 1Wai Choice 2Wai Choice 3Wai Choice 4Wai Choice 5Wai Choice 6Wai Choice 7Wai Choice 8Wai Choice 9Wai Choice 10Wai Choice 11Wai Choice 12Wai Choice 13Wai Choice 14Wai Choice 15Wai Choice 16Wai Choice 17Wai Choice 18Wai Choice 19Wai Choice 20Wai Choice 21Wai Choice 22Wai Choice 23Wai Choice 24Wai Choice 25Wai Choice 26Wai Choice 27Wai Choice 28

(C87) [A極振り (Sian)]ワイチョイス(よろず)

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