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Re: Before I start this, I have to say I did not write this, I found this series many years ago and it is in my opinion the best story there could possibly be. [TRICKorTREAT (Kagura Tsukune)] MISSING2 (Mahou… She dropped to her knees before me.

Hentai: (C91) [Homura's R Comics (Yuuki Homura)] Nakayoshi Kallen-chan (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 1Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 2Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 3Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 4Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 5Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 6Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 7Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 8Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 9Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 10Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 11Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 12Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 13Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 14Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 15Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 16Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 17Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 18Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 19Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 20Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 21Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 22Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 23Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 24Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 25Nakayoshi Kallen-chan 26

(C91) [Homura's R Comics (結城焔)]仲良しカレンちゃん(コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ)

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