(C89) [SUZUYA (Ryohka)] Anata O Ijimeru 100 No Houhou 3 (Amagami) [Chinese] [脸肿汉化组]

Amy was the top girl at school she was rich young and beautiful but she had a dark side also that only her and a few friends knew about but her she was a vampire so were her friends they were going to take a road trip to alaska but the only thing they were missing was a “friend” so they decided to take along the newest kid in the school who had only been there for a few months or so one day after school on the way home the girls were driving by when they spotted him they followed him a few miles then they pulled up beside him when he was walking “hey kid wanna go somewhere with me and my friends for a few weeks?” the girls wiggled there fingers at him a little smirk on their faces he then looked at Amy and nodded his head “sure i would love to but i have to tell my parents where i am going so they dont get worried” she nodded her head to him “all right we will pick you up in a couple of days so be ready” he nodded then they drove off when he got home he talked to his parents about it and they told him yes he went up to his room and packed a few bags and sat them in his closet a few days went by and around six in the morning a horn could be honking outside he quickly jumped out of his bed and got dressed he quickly grabbed his bags and walked out of the house and saw they girls in the black convertible he smiled a little amy popped the trunk and let him put his bags in he then got in the back seat and they started the long drive to the shack far away from any towns or anything else the girls would have all the time in the world with the boy


After about 20 hours of driving they reached the shack they all got out and he grabbed his bags from the trunk and looked around “holy crap this place is huge” they all chuckled at what he said and walked to the door they open the door for him and walks amy points him to his room and he walks to it setting his bags by the door he walked over to the bed and laid down on it letting out a small sigh the girls were still down stairs talking about what they would do to him in the coming weeks about a few hours later he walked downstairs and yawned rubbing his eyes looking around the girls were outside still talking he walked to the kitchen and looked around for some food he grabbed some bread and made his self a grilled cheese while he was making it one of the girls had snuck in and was behind him he was the regular sized guy for his age the girl quietly got closer to him and wraps her arms around him leaning up and whispering in his ear “my room tonight” she then quickly walked away from him he turned around and looked for her he then smiled* “well this wasnt a bad idea after all” he finished his grilled cheese and walked to the living room and sat down leaning his head back he shut his eyes not know amy was silently watching him with hungry crimson hues when he went to look up she vanishes into the shadows he the shrugs and leans his head back later that night he had snuck into the girls room and looked around and before he knew it he was pinned against the wall the girl looking up at him before he could say anything she pressed her lips to his and moved her hand down to his pants and gently rubbed his groin which made his cock twitch a little bit they continued to kiss for a few minutes before she broke it and gripped his groin in his hand and led him to the bed and laid him down she crawled on top of him and straddles him and starts to kiss him deeply she the broke the kiss and went to kiss neck and sniffed it “mmm you smell wonderful” then then gently bit his neck with her now long canines he didnt seem to notice it blood the rushed onto the bed sheets as she drank from him for a few minutes he moved his hands to her white panties and rubbed her ass she let out a little gasp and pulled her fangs from his neck and looks at him and smirks*naughty boy*she said in a seductive tone before kissing down his chest moving down to his pants she teases him which causes his prick to get hard after a few minutes of teasing she pulled down his pants and boxers she was amazed at his size he was at least 10 inches if not bigger she then wrapped her hand around his shaft and started to stroke


after a few moments of stroking she licked the tip the took the head into her mouth and started to swallow him inch by inch when the head reached the back of her throat she gags a little the she starts to bob her head up and down like there was no tomorrow he grunts a little and leans his head back against the bed and shuts his eyes after a few minutes of that she took her lips from his prick and kissed the shaft and crawls ontop of him and kisses his lips softly before spinning around on top of him her soaking pussy in his face he reaches up and takes off her panties and looks at her swollen lips before licking at them she moans as he does she then takes the whole cock in her mouth which caused him to moan a little he the went back to licking her pussy he then brought his fingers to her lips and gently spread them and smiles “this is such a pretty pink” he said then burys his tongue in her hole and starts to move it around in her she moans loudly as he does so after a few minutes of him doing that she is well on her way to an orgasam she starts to shudder then lets out a loud moan and starts to bob her head up and down as fast as she could he grunts as he gets closer to a climax a few minutes later they both orgasam at the same time she shakes violently as she does he moves his head back as her love juices start to flow on him she continues to suck him drinking every last bit of him after the orgasams pass she falls limp her mouth leaving the limp prick 'that was amazeing' she smirked oh thats just one of many thing


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Hentai: (C89) [SUZUYA (Ryohka)] Anata o Ijimeru 100 no Houhou 3 (Amagami) [Chinese] [脸肿汉化组]

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(C89) [涼屋 (涼香)]あなたを虐める100の方法 3(アマガミ) [中国翻訳]

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