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but now I actually wanted a girl and not the other way around, so after gazing at her thru home room, I walked over and introduced myself and asked if she wanted to do something this coming friday, she turned and looked me straight in the eye and her face turned into a smile, then she replied, “yes, but if your thinking of a date, no, just a friendly going out” I was crushed but I agreed to pick her up at seven that night, we had a blast as “friends” going to a horror movie and then getting pizza, we joked about all the retarded teachers and favorite classes. Orgasm Onnanoko Wa Ryou Ana Tomo Kimochiiite… And after that I became one of her best friends, and she became mine.

Hentai: [Natsu no Umi (Natsumi Akira)] 142 LOVERs (THE IDOLM@STER) [2017-01-15]

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[なつのうみ (夏海あきら)]142 LOVERs(アイドルマスター)

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