[Suehirogari] Satogaeri (Comic Hotmilk 2012-12) [English] {Munyu}

Merik says Rikimarue and I are going to that pocket dimension but we’ll be back soon, don’t leave this room while were gone , he raises the invisible barrier around the room and opens a portal to the pocket dimension, holding her Son in her arms she watches as Rikimarue and Merik enter the portal and it closes behind them, If she does try to escape the barrier will react and Merik will know. Rikimarue carefully looks at her trying to see any signs that she’s lying and he says Oh that’s what you mean, and if he does impregnate you would you like that? Ayame says Yes master I would love it, I would be his personal cum dumpster and his personal Orc baby machine.

Hentai: [Suehirogari] Satogaeri (Comic Hotmilk 2012-12) [English] {Munyu}

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[すえひろがり]さとがえり(コミックホットミルク 2012年12月号) [英訳]

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