[Sword Xuanyuan 7] Rainbow

Slowly guests begin to enter the theater, I’m nothing more than a prop for a show, I whimper into the apple as they walk up onto the stage, running hands over my body, squeeze my tits and ass. Alison steps up beaming with delight, lifts both mice and then pushing first one mouse into my ass, then another, I gasp around the apple, my eyes fly wide open as I feel the little creatures begin to scurry around my ass, the TV screen cut into three screen shows me wiggling slightly and the close up of my asshole closing after the mice, I groan and whimper, waiting, I hear dinner progressing and causal banter among the guests, about how much of the snake I’ll be able to take, what a good name for me would be.

Hentai: [Sword Xuanyuan 7] Rainbow

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