Butt Sex Fuujin Kanraku – Taimanin Asagi Joi

I was skating on thin ice with Charlotte but she had to learn that we were all equals and did our duty to Goddess and Corps. The girls shook my hand and all looked at me with awe, I thought it was because they weren’t used to seeing men without keepers.

Hentai: (C93) [Transistor Baby (Hata)] Fuujin Kanraku ~Taimanin Asuka Sennou Choukyou ni Otsu~(Taimanin Asagi) [English] {darknight}

Fuujin Kanraku 1Fuujin Kanraku 2Fuujin Kanraku 3Fuujin Kanraku 4Fuujin Kanraku 5Fuujin Kanraku 6Fuujin Kanraku 7Fuujin Kanraku 8Fuujin Kanraku 9Fuujin Kanraku 10Fuujin Kanraku 11Fuujin Kanraku 12Fuujin Kanraku 13Fuujin Kanraku 14Fuujin Kanraku 15Fuujin Kanraku 16Fuujin Kanraku 17Fuujin Kanraku 18Fuujin Kanraku 19

(C93) [トランジスタベイビィ (波多)]風神陥落 ~対魔忍アスカ洗脳調教に堕つ~(対魔忍アサギ) [英訳]

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