(C88) [Achromic (Musouduki)] Loli & Futa Vol. 1 (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [Chinese] [百花屋汉化组]

Kim looking shocked as she finished her sentence for her!

“Spike didn’t rape you did he?! Oh my god and sweetie you don’t think he hurt your baby did he?”

Abbie looking at her in confusion!

“My baby?”

Kim wonder why that was a weird question!

“Yeah aren’t you pregnant? You are clearly showing back there sweetie!”

Abbie now realizing how much cum the dog unloaded into her!

“Actually I’m not pregnant that umm. Cum Inside 【That Dress Up Doll Makes… multiplayer things popped up and even one that said reverse bestiality! Joey reading it to himself!

“Reverse bestiality? What is that!? He hit the definition was it said! The opposite order of sexual linkage between humans and animals from bestiality; here, the animals initiate the bondage as they mate with humans as a act of dominance and reproduction purposes!”

Joey finished reading the definition as he was amazed of what he found!

“Wow so this actually happens! Maybe I should go help!”

Joey running outside as he finds his mom standing still as he gets behind her and sees what he is looking at! His eyes widened as he saw the girl being mounted by spike again!

Abbie watching as he mounts her and started to look up and we both Kim and Joey!

“Help me he’s going to rape me again!”

Kim tries to help as spike growls at her to stay away from his mate! Kim stops as she was scared and explained that he would attack her and possibly hurt Abbie as well! She tries to get behind them and sees his red rocket starting to form as it inches closer to his target! Kim shocked as she’s never seen this in her life as she is scared for her! Joey tired to get his phone out with out his mom realizing what he was doing as he also head his black marker in his pocket from earlier! Abbie felt the pressure of his cock hitting her exposed backside as she had fear written on her face! Spike trying to penetrate his mate for a second time today was struggling with the angle as she lifted her lower body off the ground a little higher trying to push himself forward into her.

Hentai: (C88) [Achromic (Musouduki)] Loli & Futa Vol. 1 (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [Chinese] [百花屋汉化组]

Loli & Futa Vol. 1 1Loli & Futa Vol. 1 2Loli & Futa Vol. 1 3Loli & Futa Vol. 1 4Loli & Futa Vol. 1 5Loli & Futa Vol. 1 6Loli & Futa Vol. 1 7Loli & Futa Vol. 1 8Loli & Futa Vol. 1 9Loli & Futa Vol. 1 10Loli & Futa Vol. 1 11Loli & Futa Vol. 1 12Loli & Futa Vol. 1 13Loli & Futa Vol. 1 14Loli & Futa Vol. 1 15Loli & Futa Vol. 1 16Loli & Futa Vol. 1 17Loli & Futa Vol. 1 18Loli & Futa Vol. 1 19Loli & Futa Vol. 1 20Loli & Futa Vol. 1 21Loli & Futa Vol. 1 22Loli & Futa Vol. 1 23Loli & Futa Vol. 1 24Loli & Futa Vol. 1 25Loli & Futa Vol. 1 26Loli & Futa Vol. 1 27Loli & Futa Vol. 1 28Loli & Futa Vol. 1 29Loli & Futa Vol. 1 30Loli & Futa Vol. 1 31Loli & Futa Vol. 1 32

(C88) [Achromic (夢双月)]ろり&ふた Vol.1(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-) [中国翻訳]

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