And Tenshi No Utage – Touhou Project Porn

mary’s daddy
loves lightening
in peach jars
white and cold
her mommy
plays dice
spinning wheels
feeling young
while looking old

mary’s brother
died last august
on a smoked filled
rocky plain
her sister
gobbles crispy creams
like losers swallow pain

mary dances
all alone
turns heads
and feeds desire
the spotlight
what she does not
her flesh
volcanic fire

mary’s world
those glistening eyes
and words
that have no sound
lust filled minds
her breath of life
their need
her lost
and found

lights are gone
no whistles
shouts or moans
the sun is up
sweet mary down
far from home. .

Hentai: (C81) [Kazemichiya (Mamo Williams)] Tenshi no Utage (Touhou Project)

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(C81) [風道屋 (まもウィリアムズ)]天子之宴(東方)

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