[Itou Yuuji] Leave It To HIei! (Kantai Collection)[English]

Their was nothing like the taste of a hard pecker to get his juices flowing, and Eric had one of the most beautiful dicks Jack had ever seen! Only about seven inches long, it was just the right thickness for good cock sucking, and as far as ass fucking was concerned, well, Jack had spread his cheeks many a time for this sleek missile that was resting comfortably in his mouth! Eric on the other hand, loved having Jack suck his cock more than anything else in the world! He had such a soft wet mouth, and a tongue that seemed to flit from one hot spot to another! While Eric was enjoying his blowjob, he had the urge to see his lover naked, so he pulled his prick out of his now disappointed friends mouth and tugged him to his feet where they gave each other a long deep kiss. After doing up the dishes, they both settled down on the couch to watch a little television, occasionally kissing an cuddling as young lovers do.

Hentai: [Itou Yuuji] Leave it to HIei! (Kantai Collection)[English]

Leave it to HIei! 1Leave it to HIei! 2Leave it to HIei! 3Leave it to HIei! 4Leave it to HIei! 5Leave it to HIei! 6Leave it to HIei! 7Leave it to HIei! 8Leave it to HIei! 9

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