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I heard Chas telling some of them that I really had fucked dogs and horses, and that some weeks previously while at a pub one night how I had been stripped and fucked by the men, then a couple of dogs, then after, held down on a couple of bales of hay in a field out back and a large horse had fucked me getting half it's cock buried in me until it had shot a large quantity of cum in my cunt and over my stomach and tits. I laughed and replied that I would walk home like this if I thought I could get away with it.

Hentai: (C95) [Tanic Ya (Tanishi)] Konyuu [Chinese] [零食汉化组]

Konyuu 1Konyuu 2Konyuu 3Konyuu 4Konyuu 5Konyuu 6Konyuu 7Konyuu 8Konyuu 9Konyuu 10Konyuu 11Konyuu 12Konyuu 13Konyuu 14Konyuu 15Konyuu 16Konyuu 17Konyuu 18Konyuu 19Konyuu 20Konyuu 21Konyuu 22Konyuu 23Konyuu 24Konyuu 25Konyuu 26Konyuu 27Konyuu 28Konyuu 29Konyuu 30Konyuu 31Konyuu 32Konyuu 33

(C95) [タニシ屋 (たにし)]混融[中国翻訳]

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