Paja Hatsu Taiken Beurette

Once there he tried to get her drunk, by ordering lots of wine and having her drink with him glass for glass. Allison manoeuvred herself down, lifted her legs up over my back and settled back as I stuck my nose into her blond bush and run my tongue over the top of her slit.

Hentai: [Tsuruta Bungaku] Hatsu Taiken (COMIC Koh Vol. 6) [Chinese] [漢化組漢化組×Foxglove]

Hatsu Taiken 1Hatsu Taiken 2Hatsu Taiken 3Hatsu Taiken 4Hatsu Taiken 5Hatsu Taiken 6Hatsu Taiken 7Hatsu Taiken 8Hatsu Taiken 9Hatsu Taiken 10Hatsu Taiken 11Hatsu Taiken 12Hatsu Taiken 13Hatsu Taiken 14Hatsu Taiken 15Hatsu Taiken 16Hatsu Taiken 17Hatsu Taiken 18Hatsu Taiken 19Hatsu Taiken 20Hatsu Taiken 21Hatsu Taiken 22Hatsu Taiken 23Hatsu Taiken 24

[鶴田文学]ハツタイケン(COMIC 高 Vol.6) [中国翻訳]

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